i am apples, sometimes xivon. I am a student in biotechnical engineering, and i have a cat. This is me:

i mean, im not actually a kitty ig, but i have taken a liking to being this little guy online. they come in many different shapes, and forms, and will prolly show up around here alot. my name is apples, because it was part of a generated username from some username generator somewhere on the web, and then someone who is very dear to me started calling me just apples, and i loved it so much i adopted it as my online sona. it is a neat way to separate online me from real life me. i am also not a kitty in real life, so ig that is something (very sad).

i love making things, doesnt really matter what. i love to draw, traditionally and digitally. i love knitting and crocheting. i love cooking. There are so many things to love out there, i think. and making things are important for the human experience.

i have a 12 year-old cat, and since i have had her since she was a little kitten, we are very very very attached to one another. She might also show up here, even if she looks a little wonky (she comes from a farm and her parents were likely closely related :[ dw, she is healthy! just like. wonky).